Cocktail of the week: Doña’s zamna – recipe


I first tried xtabentún, a Mayan liqueur made with fermented honey and rum, in La Riviera Maya on the Yucatán peninsula, and loved it immediately – the best way I can describe it is that it’s a bit like a Mexican take on Disaronno. I’ve used it here in a Mexican-inspired twist on the Rob Roy that’s super-easy to make at home, and perfect for an autumn night, or indeed any night. The name zamna, incidentally, means “where the sun comes out” in Mayan.

45ml espadin mezcal – I use one I helped develop myself, Dangerous Don Espadin
20ml red vermouth – I use Dolin Rouge
5ml xtabentún liqueur – ask for it in specialist spirits stores and online; if you can’t find any, use Disaronno
3 drops cacao bitters
Orange peel, to twist the oils out of to finish

Put all the liquids in a Boston glass filled with ice (if you don’t have one, use the cup of a cocktail shaker or a small jug instead). Strain into a chilled nick & nora glass, twist the orange peel over the top of the glass, so the oils spray out over the rim and the top of the drink, and serve.