Inside ‘haunted’ house left to rot after its army major owner passed away


The eerie home near Leicester doesn’t look too bad from the outside, but on the inside it’s a different story and now urban explorers have taken a trip inside and documented their journey

Urban explorers have photographed the inside of a ‘haunted’ house that was left to rot when its owner, an army major, passed away years ago.

The creepy home was owned by a man high up in the military, but he passed away in 2015 and the house has been abandoned ever since.

From the outside, the eerie house doesn’t look too bad – but on the inside it’s a different story as the house has fallen into decay, with wallpaper hanging from the walls.

In the next room, creepy dolls are lined up along a fireplace, and in another old pill bottles have been left by the sink as if their owner will be back at any minute.

The home is open to the elements and urban explorers have deen documenting its demise.

One who visited last week said: “I am told it used to belong to a major in the army who died in 2015 with no family.

“It’s supposedly haunted and that’s why no one has moved in.

“Amazingly it actually had renters in there in 2018 who supposedly left in the middle of the night according to neighbours because there was some spooky stuff going on.

“Apparently no estate agent wants it as they can’t sell it. It’s also full of possessions. It’s very creepy – the fact that all the clothes were left was quite strange.”

In one room, a bed is made with a cosy looking pink bed cover while books and magazines have been left on some shelves, with the owner’s briefcase standing inches away.

Another bedroom also has a pink theme, with floral wallpaper and a TV next to the bed – presumably never to be used again.

A chaise longue in luxurious navy blue velvet sits in another room, with a sheepskin on it and comfy cushions as if made up waiting for its owner to relax, as dolls – leftover from one of the home’s younger residents – sit on a mantlepiece nearby.

A carpeted bathroom that may literally have come out of the 1930s is also in the house – with peeling wallpaper adding to the ‘haunted’ vibe.

In another bedroom, possessions are piled up on a grand looking Art Deco style bed, and the pink living room is in decent condition – except for the giveaway wonky light shade.

Lastly, a line of bottles sits by a window – next to a sad-looking bottle of Mr Sheen.

The explorer added: “I don’t really believe in the paranormal but there was definitely some kind of weirdness going on there.”